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Stingy Jacks Pumpkin Biker Patch

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Image of Stingy Jacks Pumpkin Biker Patch

Inspired by classic Halloween decorations, this classic pumpkin patch (get it?) is part of the 'Hallows Angels' patch collection from Monsterologist.

Stingy Jacks refers to the legend of Stingy Jack, which is the inspiration for the term "jack-o-lantern". Cursed to walk the earth in limbo, Jack fashioned a lantern carved from a turnip to light his way. The turnip became a pumpkin when the legends came to the United States with Irish immigrants, and the jack o' lantern -- or the lantern of Jack -- was born.

Measures 3.5" W x 4.5" H

Iron-on backing, but we always recommend putting in a few stitches for extra sturdiness.